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Chodan Sazan Manufacturing Company takes pride in achieving our main goals of producing products that can compete with the best European manufacturers. This success has been made possible through our reliance on technical and management knowledge, as well as our utilization of both domestic and foreign experts over the past four decades.

Chodan Sazan at a glance

Chodan Sazan Production Company is a leading Iranian company that specializes in manufacturing rolling rolls. With a mission to play a central role in the industrial, economic, and social development of the country, and to elevate the technology level of the steel industry, we have successfully supplied a significant portion of rolling rolls to large steel companies and food industries.

History of the company and introduction of Chedan Sazan industrial group

Chodan Sazan Production Company, now one of the leading roll manufacturers in Iran, is located on a 13-thousand-square-meter land within the Jey Industrial zone inIsfahanin order to support production process, it has a warehouse for raw materials with an area of 3000 square meters located in Jay industrial town. Additionally. It has a storage facility with an area of 5000 square meters in the Sejzi industrial town for storing manufactured products.The company began operations in 1982 and, through years of dedicated effort and utilization of modern knowledge and resources, has successfully supplied a significant portion of rolling rolls to large steel companies and other industries involved in steel production.

In 2004, the Chodan Sazan Industrial Group established GS Co. with a focus on producing heavy and super-heavy steel and cast iron parts, as well as continuous casting of steel ingots, to complete its product portfolio. Additionally, the group added the establishment of SSK Co. to its agenda, which focuses on machining and finalizing products, to further enhance its product generation cycle. Currently, shares of Chodan Sazan and GS Co. are listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange market.

In 2020, the Noandishan Sanat Foulad Company was launched to manage investment and business development. Chodan Sazan Industrial Group has successfully employed experienced, young, and skilled staff and kept up with modern advancements in the field of steel production worldwide. The group has made significant contributions to the industry cycle and has made its presence known in the field of steel production in the country for many years.

Vision and Mission

One of the best companies producing rolls and rings in the region

Manufacturer of all kinds of rolls and rings with modern technology in rolling industries







The company's integrated management systems policy

Chodan Sazan Manufacturing Company, a producer of rolling and non-rolling rolls, rings, and steel ingots, is committed to achieving its grand strategies of increasing competitiveness, growth, and excellence in human resources. The company aims to continuously improve its production products and after-sales services with the highest possible quality to meet the needs, expectations, and gain the trust and satisfaction of stakeholders in both domestic and foreign markets.

To accomplish the above goals, we are committed to focusing on the following areas:

The management and employees of Chodan Sazan company are committed to meeting the requirements and continuously improving the effectiveness of the integrated management system in accordance with the standards of ISO 9001 for quality management system, ISO 14001 for environmental management system, ISO 45001 for occupational health and safety management system,ISO50001 for energy management system, ISO10015 for guidelines for competence management and people development, as well as ISO 10002 and ISO 10004 for complaints and satisfaction management systems. We believe that the achievement of these goals can only be accomplished through the participation, empathy, and continuous efforts of all personnel.

As the person responsible for establishing and revising this policy in line with the needs and requirements of the stakeholders and the quality management system, I expect all employees to fully understand the quality policy and apply it in their activities and plans. The management representative, who reports directly to the CEO, is responsible for monitoring the creation, implementation, maintenance, and revision of this system.”


Abolghasem Gadami



Hossein Ansari

Chairman of the Board

Davod Safi Dastjerdi

Tel: 0098-3135720330
Email: d.safi@csroll.com

Majid Mokhtari

Sales Manager
Member of Board
Tel: 031-3135720330
Tell: 0098-3135720330
Email: majid.mokhtari61@yahoo.com
Email: m.mokhtari@csroll.com

CEOs of the company so far

Hossein Ansari

From 1982 to 2014

Ali Mir Mohammad Sadeghi

From 2014 to 2018

Abolghasem Gadami

2018 den 2022 kadar

Davod Safi Dastjerdi


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