Chodan Sazan Co was founded in 1982 in ESFAHAN, IRAN to produce the high quality cast iron rolls and sleeves. In the course of company expansion, CSCO GROUP was formed with  following companies:



Casting Companies:


     Chodan Sazan Co. (Main plant):

     – Casting of Static and Centrifugal Cast Rolls

     – Heat Treatment of Rolls

     Melt Capacity: 35,000 ton/year





     Ghaltak Sazan Co.

     Heat Treatment of Back Up Rolls

     Production of Ingot Molds and Accessories

     Production of Slag pots

     Production of Cast Iron and Steel Heavy Parts (up to 100 Tons )

     Continuous Casting of Small Section Billets Melt

     Capacity: 120,000 ton/year


Machinery Companies:



     Sangin Sanat Koohpayeh Co.

     Machining Back Up Rolls

     Machining Heavy Rolls

     Machining Small Rolls and Rings

     Capacity: 2600, Roll/year (2- 80 ton)

     Capacity: 3000, Roll/year (0.5- 2 ton)





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