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Manufacturing and Control

QC & Laboratory

CHODAN SAZAN has always dedicated a big part of its resources for the quality control of its products. All necessary quality checks and testing of manufacturing processes are carried out whether the process is Casting, Machining or Heat Treatment.

The melt chemical composition is frequently checked using an emission spectrometer and carbon analyzer ensuring conformity with the specifications.

Our laboratory checks the microstructure and hardness of shell and core materials in as cast condition and after the heat treatment. The ultrasonic test assures the absence of bonding failures and internal flaws. Our quality control ensures that the rolls meet the specification regarding hardness and hardness drop, microstructure, shell thickness and mechanical physical properties. We provide our customers with rolls that meet their stringent quality requirements.

All data are collected, processed, and documented in each stage of production and all process data are documented in CHODAN SAZAN’s data base. Production certificate, which verifies product quality, is issued for every produced roll.



Raw Material:

All incoming raw materials are purchased under strict specifications from approved suppliers. Scrapped rolls, purchased from customers, are fully scrutinized before usage.

Every charge build up for the melting furnaces is optimized through using special computer software, which selects the most suitable and cost effective raw material for each particular type of roll grade.




Melting Shop:

The melting process is carried out in induction furnaces. The melting equipment are as follow:

• Two 20-ton medium frequency induction furnaces

• One 8-ton medium frequency induction furnace

• Two 6-ton medium frequency induction furnaces

• One 3-ton medium frequency induction furnace

• One 2-ton medium frequency induction furnace

• Two 500 kg medium frequency induction furnaces

• One 500 kg medium frequency induction furnaces


The wide variety of furnaces offers full flexibility in production of rolls of different sizes and weights

Melting Process Control:

Before taping and during the melt preparing process the chemical composition of all melts are checked by using

Emission Spectrometer and Carbon Sulfur analyzer.

Liquidus and taping temperatures are measured with immersion thermocouples.









Electrically and gas fired furnaces are used for heat treatment operations.

All furnaces are equipped with modern computer controlled heat regulating systems.

The heat treatment program comprises of low temperature cycles like tempering and stress relieving as well as high temperature cycles like soft annealing and normalizing.





There are totally 13 furnaces with the following specifications:


• Three gas fired heat treatment furnaces, 90- ton each

• Two electrical heat treatment furnaces, 100- ton each

• Two electrical heat treatment furnaces 60- ton each

• Five electrical heat treatment furnaces, 15-ton each

• One electrical heat treatment furnaces 2- ton

Manufacturing and Control

Machining Workshops

In the roll production process, machining plays an vital role. The final dimensions of the products are primarily dependent upon the quality of the machining process.

Roll machining process needs accurate machines, proper methods, skilled employees, and also effective planning to reach a high level of product quality and on-time delivery.

In CHODAN SAZAN Group, there are five sister companies involved in machining products, with more than 65 heavy duty and medium size turning lathes (CNC, NC and manual), rough grinding machine, finishing grinding machines, boring and milling machines that cover a wide range of roll size and weight.

In machining workshops of CHODAN SAZAN Group, all the factors effecting machining quality are considered and checked under strict specifications.

According the quality plans, all necessary quality and dimensional controls are carried out during every machining process by the accurate tools to ensure conformity with the customer specifications.

Machining Capability

Maximum work piece weight: 100 t

Maximum Work piece length: 11,000 mm Maximum work piece diameter: 3,000 mm

Casting Systems

We manufacture both single and double poured rolls. Casting is carried out in both statically and centrifugally.




Sands and other additives are subjected to strict quality control throughout the molding process.






Centrifugal Casting

Horizontal and vertical centrifugal casting machines are used for casting double poured rolls and sleeves.

The core is produced in high quality ductile iron while the shell is an alloyed iron or special steels ensuring low wear and more uniform hardness.



Centrifugal Casting Equipment

Three horizontal spin casting machines are used for rolls and sleeves of up to 3 tons, 250~1100 mm barrel diameter and up to 1200 mm barrel length.

Two big horizontal spin casting machine is used for rolls of up to 40 tons, 550~1400 mm barrel diameter, and 6000 mm barrel length.

One vertical spin casting machine is used for sleeves up to 8 tons and 1400 mm in diameter.




Static Casting

The static casting method is used for single poured and double poured (over flow and slide gate system) rolls for all weight ranges.


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