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One of the outstanding industrial groups in the region with the ongoing participation in national and international markets, established upon intelligence and new technologies, in the horizon of 2025
Chodan Sazan industrial group is a multifunctional group with orientation of metal industry, focused on value creation for national and international customers, beneficiaries and commercial partners, by utilization Knowledge, new technologies, professional and creative human resources.

Quality Assurance

To enhance customer satisfaction and as a framework for continual improvement, CHODAN SAZAN Co. has established its Quality Management System in accordance with 9001:2008 standard, which is certified and registered by SGS certification body, within the scope of Manufacturing of Cast Rolls and Sleeves, Ingot Moulds and Accessories.

CHODAN SAZAN laboratory also has established its quality management system based on ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Laboratory Standard, certified by DAKKS Europe.




- Chodan Sazan was established and registered

- Production of cast iron parts


- Production of Ingot Molds and accessories


- Using Electrical Induction furnaces or production of rolls

- Static casting of the first cast iron rolls


- Putting into operation of first Horizontal spin casting equipment for wire and small section rolls


- Producing Hot Strip Mill double poured static casting rolls


- Putting into operation the Vertical Centrifugal Casting Machine for universal sleeves of heavy section mills

- DNV granted ISO 9001:2000 certificate to Chodan Sazan Co.


- Establishment of two subsidiary machining companies, equipped with high performance machines

- Export of Chodan Sazan rolls and Ingot Molds to the European and Middle Eastern countries.

- Production of first High Chromium Rolls for Hot Strip Mills


- Putting into operation the new melt shop, enabling the annual production capacity of up to 20,000 tons (melt) in working area of 11,000 m2

- New large Horizontal Spin Casting Machine for Hot Strip Mill Work Rolls put into operation

- Production of first super heavy Ingot Molds with 50-ton weight


- Expansion of heat treatment department with two 70-ton computer controlled electrical furnaces

- Installation of new laboratory and test equipment aimed at expanding R&D activities.

- Second small centrifugal machine starts operation


- Installing two new 60 Tons heat treatment furnaces

- Initiating installation of two 90 tons gas burned heat treatment furnaces


- R&D certificate from Ministry of Industry and Mines

- Laboratory Accreditation Certificate from institute of standardization

- ISO9001:2000 Certification for heavy duty machining for rolls and steel universal rings from DNV-


- Development of research laboratory

- The first MICH (Modified ICDP) grade roll for Hot Strip Mill produced.

- Production of the first HSS (High Speed Steel) for finishing stands of small section mills.

- Start using Management Information System (MIS).

- Establishment of Sales department in Europe


-The first steel roll for heavy section mill produced.

- Upgrading ISO9001 certificate from version 2000 to 2008

- Development and production of steel rolls

- Increasing the production capacity (melt) to 35,000 ton/year

- Installation of continuous casting machine (CCM)


-Production of high Chromium Steel rolls for roughing stands of HSMs


-Production of Slag Pots for steel Industry


- Establishment of overseas sales office in Turkey

- Production of Forged Back Up rolls up to 45 tons weight


-increase in production capacity of continuous casting to 80,000 tons/year


- Production of rolls for Plate Mills barrel length of 4000 mm


-Making a new big centrifugal machine

-Production of ICDP Plate mill rolls

- Production of semi HSS rolls for roughing mill


- Investigating on new machining facilities


Abolghasem Ghadami

CEO of CSCo.


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Hosein Ansari

Board Chairman


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Majid Mokhtari

CSCo Sales Manager


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