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- Chodan Sazan was established and registered

- Production of cast iron parts


- Production of Ingot Molds and accessories


- Using Electrical Induction furnaces or production of rolls

- Static casting of the first cast iron rolls


- Putting into operation of first Horizontal spin casting equipment for wire and small section rolls


- Producing Hot Strip Mill double poured static casting rolls


- Putting into operation the Vertical Centrifugal Casting Machine for universal sleeves of heavy section mills

- DNV granted ISO 9001:2000 certificate to Chodan Sazan Co.


- Establishment of two subsidiary machining companies, equipped with high performance machines

- Export of Chodan Sazan rolls and Ingot Molds to the European and Middle Eastern countries.

- Production of first High Chromium Rolls for Hot Strip Mills


- Putting into operation the new melt shop, enabling the annual production capacity of up to 20,000 tons (melt) in working area of 11,000 m2

- New large Horizontal Spin Casting Machine for Hot Strip Mill Work Rolls put into operation

- Production of first super heavy Ingot Molds with 50-ton weight


- Expansion of heat treatment department with two 70-ton computer controlled electrical furnaces

- Installation of new laboratory and test equipment aimed at expanding R&D activities.

- Second small centrifugal machine starts operation


- Installing two new 60 Tons heat treatment furnaces

- Initiating installation of two 90 tons gas burned heat treatment furnaces


- R&D certificate from Ministry of Industry and Mines

- Laboratory Accreditation Certificate from institute of standardization

- ISO9001:2000 Certification for heavy duty machining for rolls and steel universal rings from DNV-


- Development of research laboratory

- The first MICH (Modified ICDP) grade roll for Hot Strip Mill produced.

- Production of the first HSS (High Speed Steel) for finishing stands of small section mills.

- Start using Management Information System (MIS).

- Establishment of Sales department in Europe


-The first steel roll for heavy section mill produced.

- Upgrading ISO9001 certificate from version 2000 to 2008

- Development and production of steel rolls

- Increasing the production capacity (melt) to 35,000 ton/year

- Installation of continuous casting machine (CCM)


-Production of high Chromium Steel rolls for roughing stands of HSMs


-Production of Slag Pots for steel Industry


- Establishment of overseas sales office in Turkey

- Production of Forged Back Up rolls up to 45 tons weight


-increase in production capacity of continuous casting to 80,000 tons/year


- Production of rolls for Plate Mills barrel length of 4000 mm


-Making a new big centrifugal machine

-Production of ICDP Plate mill rolls

- Production of semi HSS rolls for roughing mill


- Investigating on new machining facilities

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