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Company Profile

Chodan Sazan Co. (p.j.s) is one of the leading Iranian companies involved in designing, producing and supplying high quality Cast Rolls, Ingot Moulds and Accessories for the steel industries...

Casting Systems

We manufacture both single and double poured rolls. Casting is carried out in both statically and centrifugally.

Quality Control

CHODAN SAZAN has always dedicated a big part of its resources for the quality control of its products. All necessary quality checks and testing of manufacturing processes are carried out whether the process is Casting, Machining or Heat Treatment.

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Posted(21 August 2021)


In order to increase production capacity  and in accordance with pre-determined development plans in the first 5 months of this year, the following proje...

Posted(21 August 2021)                                                                                                                    ...

Posted(28 Jan2020)                                                                                         ...

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About Company

CSRoll was founded in 1982 with production of limited amount of cast iron parts. By 1987 it expanded its production range with introducing ingot molds and accessories, From 1993 the production strategy was redirected to production of rolls and sleeves for the domestic steel market Today CSRoll is by far, the largest and the most well-known roll producer in Iran and the whole region. It has gained more than 90 percent of Iranian market and has started penetrating in regional and world market. CSRoll success was credited to production high quality rolls by exploiting the knowledge of local expertise, combined with full utilization of knowledge and experience of European specialists in the roll industry. Twenty years of experience in roll market has paved the way for expanding to the world market. We are focused on satisfying the requirements of our customers in Iran and the whole world by near teamwork with them.

Our Services


Rolls Machining Services (Rolls caliber, Alteration,…..)


Rolls repair Services


Training courses on hot rolls production methods


Laboratory Services (High temperature wear test, Metallography, Hardness test, Dilatometer Test, ….)

Apply for a Job!

Over the last few years our company has been expe-raencing a period of very rapid growth and expansion.

this means that we are still on a massive lookout for new talents, effective every single day of the week. all year long!

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